About Us

A Family at Your Service

Founded in 1991, Les Spécialités M.G.H. Inc. and Division Royflex have acquired a well-established and recognized reputation with architects and designers. This family-owned Quebec business is unmatched when it comes to quality products, concern for the environment, customer support and, without a doubt, extremely effective "Just-in-Time" management.

One Passion, One Goal

Roy family from left to right: Mélissa Roy, Gérald Roy et Hélène Sylvain

Gérald Roy, President of the company, and his wife, Hélène Sylvain, have instilled a passion in their only daughter, Mélissa Roy, that inspires them both - a love for wood. This young CEO quickly educated herself on the potential markets that were open to the company. As a means of rejuvenating the company, a new range of exotic and architectural products were added to their North-American product line.

Today, with its 7,000,000 square feet of wood veneers and its 40 experienced employees, Les Spécialités MGH and Division Royflex are more than able to adequately meet all their customer demands.

Let the richness of wood inspire your home decor through the Roy family.