Phenolic Backed Veneer

The phenolic backed veneer is slightly less flexible but is more advantageous where factors of stability and durability must be taken into account.

Phenolic Backed Veneer


Backing available

Phenolic resin backing
(thickness - 0.020")

Available dimensions (width X length)

4'x8', 4'x10' or any other size on demand.


The standard sanding is done at the factory using 180 grit paper or as you choose.

Species available

All species are available.
Different types of matches or cuts are available upon request.

Royflex's flexible Veneer are environmentally friendly and dont't have any addition of Uree formaldehyde.

Help the Planet !

  • Best product offer for moisture and water resistance.
  • Help to reduce the risk of panel warping.
  • Eliminate any telegraphing and resist to impact.
  • Reduce the risk of crackling.