The use of veneer on paneling is now well known and widely used in many industries. However, the various species that we are able to offer you can lend color and a new light to your accomplishments.


An Order for One, Single Panel
is Important to Us.

Please note that in order to better serve our customers, we have not set a minimum quantity for an order. You can, therefore, count on us for your special needs.


Veneer Core

MDF / Particle board / Plywood / HDF / Fibrex / Cora perform / Marine Plywood

Available backing

Panel backings are usually made of lower quality wooden veneer.
Other type of material and thickness are available upon quotation.

Available dimensions (width X length)

4’x8’, 4’x10’, 4’x12’, 5’x8’, 5’x10’, 5’x12’ or any other size on demand.

Maximum dimension

The maximum dimension of a panel is 5’x12’.
May be cut according to the customer’s specifications.

Think Green !

Help the Planet ! You can ask for a Formaldehyde Free Panel. Available on Plywood, Particle board or MDF.


The two sides of the panel are sanded with a 180 grit paper or as you choose. Other types of finishing can be done upon request.

Species available

All species are available.
Different types of matches or cuts are available upon request.