Custom-made assembly

Custom-made assembly Lamination of special sheets

In order to better meet your needs if you have used a special veneer leaf matching techniques, we can transform your raw material according to your exact specifications . Thus, you’ll be able to send us your veneer sheet and we’ll return it to you as a wood veneer sheet with a paper backing (or another sort or if you prefer on panel). The choice is yours.

Piece lamination

In order to conform to your production specifications, we can also “flex” your pre-cut pieces to the dimensions required. What’s more, we can also make cuts according to the design with which you provide us. Get in touch with us so that we can talk over your particular project.

Gluing your stratification to your panels

We are able to laminate your stratification to your panels in the dimension of your choice.


Les Spécialités MGH Inc. and his division Royflex are also able to carry out cuts to paneling or veneer sheets to the dimensions you desire.

Different types of matches or cuts are available upon request.